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Landing page is for sale

The essence of a landing page is for the client to buy here and now. It is this principle that underlies the creation of one-page websites for our clients.

Easy to navigate and checkout

To find out important information about a product / service and make a purchase, the user just needs to scroll down the site, the landing page will tell and show the client everything they need!

It is immediately profitable

We develop high-conversion landing pages in 2-4 days on average. You will pay off the creation of the site in the first few days with the help of well-tuned advertising!

Prices for creating a landing page *







* the content of tariffs can be changed according to your wishes, packages can be individual.
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faq landing pages

A landing page (one-page site) is a separate web page, the main task of which is to collect contact information of the target audience. It is used for effective advertising, audience increase, customer search, sales. The landing page usually contains information about a product or a service and presents it.

No, it is not needed. We can set up an advertising campaign on the landing page located on our server.

In our dynamic time, people are forced to make their decisions quickly, there is no time to study any issue for too long, so the client makes a decision about the usefulness of information on a particular page within a maximum of 6 seconds – it is this time that we need to meet in order to delay the “cold” client and start to “warm them up”.
A landing page can promote almost any product or service.
The cost of a landing page is lower compared to other types of sites.

This page is an example of a landing page

The site is more of an information resource that provides more detailed information about the company, services, technologies, contains some useful articles for clients. But the site itself cannot provide a full-fledged conversion of customers for a particular service, because it does not have a clear vector for this service.

A landing page is designed for clients’ clicks on advertisements. If a client goes to the site, they cannot, as a rule, receive a specific service and are forced to go around the site in search of this service, which usually no one does and simply leaves the site.

Yes. Landing pages are suitable for almost all types of business. Also, in the future, you can make a multi-page site based on the landing page.

Pop-up forms appear at the moment of pressing a button. A form for filling opens, which concentrates the client’s attention, obscuring the distracting elements of the page.
A questionnaire allows you to ask the client any questions while viewing the page, which allows you to evaluate both the quality of the page itself and get useful information about the client’s attitude towards your company or your proposals. In addition, this is where the client’s interaction with your company begins.

For an additional fee, we can connect additional functions that are not in the tariff you are interested in. Contact us and we will discuss the functionality you need.

There are many ways to pay, from a bank card, through terminals of payment systems and such, to full payment through a bank with the receipt of all the necessary documents for accounting.

The most important thing in our work is efficiency. We are constantly fighting for the lowest prices for our services, so we save on real meetings and offer our clients other technologies for effective remote meetings.
You will not feel the difference in the quality of the meeting, but you will get comfort from the fact that you can save your time on a real meeting and preparation for it.
In addition, a virtual meeting can take place at any time convenient for you and in any place convenient for you, without observing the dress code and the need to be distracted by some office calls or other routine office activities.


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