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Building an online store website

Connecting the online trading module to an existing site


Online store is becoming increasingly popular, and in some cases the main means of selling various goods and services via the Internet. By using e-commerce, you can expand the audience of customers, not limited to either the city or even the whole region or country.


Connection of the e-commerce module

Detailed product page and cart

3 categories and 10 product cards with the possibility of adding more yourself

The ability to create an unlimited number of product pages

Online payment system

Online trading module connection

The purpose of the finished online store:

– present your products and services
– enable the buyer to select the desired product and buy it.

We can make an online store that will allow you to significantly expand trade, to enter new markets with your products, and to find new customers. Today, with such a great popularity of the Internet, it would be unwise to ignore this huge, rapidly expanding market.


PRICES FOR CREATING an online store website *







* the contents of the tariffs can be changed according to your wishes, the packages can be individualized. Contact us for more details.

FAQ building an online store website

An online store is a website with a catalog of products and a shopping cart. In this store, the buyer will be able to easily find, select and order products, and the manager will promptly receive information on the order and execute it.
Yes you will! We build online stores on open, well-known platforms that are easy to manage. You can always find a lot of instructions on the Internet for managing these platforms or get our advice on any issue.
In terms of site capabilities, we do not put any restrictions on the addition of new products. You can add, edit and delete information at any time. The only limitation is the size of the disk space on the server, but this is not a significant limitation, because you can always increase it.

Yes it is possible. We build online stores on open platforms that have powerful capabilities for expansion and refinement. At the same time, you will be able to make these improvements both independently and by hiring for this purpose any specialist who has worked with such platforms. Or contact us!

You can pay for our services with a Visa / Mastercard plastic card, any online wallet or bank transfer to the firm’s account.
The most important thing in our work is efficiency. We constantly strive for minimum prices for our services, therefore we save on real meetings and offer our clients other technologies for effective holding of remote meetings. You will not feel the difference in the quality of the meeting, but you will get comfort from the fact that you can save your time in a real meeting and preparation. In addition, a virtual meeting can take place at any time convenient for you at any place convenient for you, without observing the dress code and need to be distracted by some office calls or other routine office events.


If you want to have an online store on your site, place an order by clicking the button below. After receiving the order we will send you a short form. Please fill it.


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