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Search Engine Optimization of your site

Effective measures for successful search engine optimization of sites will help bring your site to the first lines of search results

What does  search engine optimization of sites consist of?

1. Analysis of competitors from the TOP-10

  • Who are your real competitors
  • Why are they in the top 10
  • What needs to be done to catch up and surpass

The report will consist of 3 documents:

1. Comparison table of technical characteristics of competitors’ websites that affect promotion
2. A text file with a review of each competitor’s site with a description of its strengths and weaknesses
3. A text file with recommendations for improving your site and requirements for its external optimization

2. Analysis of external optimization of competitors' websites TOP 10

  • What technologies did your competitors use for external optimization?
  • On what resources was all this done, and how can you repeat this path?
  • Selection of keywords for assembling the semantic core of the site, advertising and external optimization

3. Creation of external optimization through registration in search engines and setting up site monitoring systems

For more correct and faster indexing of the site and the ability to analyze incoming traffic

4. Finalization of the site based on the analysis of your competitors from the TOP-10

  • Build and implement a semantic core based on the use of words in search queries
  • Changing the site design, improving navigation, connecting customer interaction systems, creating utilities on the site
  • Adding technical solutions to improve site indexing
  • Adding elements of customer retention on the site and reducing the number of bounces

5. External website optimization by placing external links on your website

Registration in catalogs. Placing information about the site, the company and its business on other resources on the Internet, creating a cloud of gossip and conversations around the company.

6. Maintenance and technical support in the process of working on search engine optimization

SEO promotion cost

The cost of SEO promotion depends on the current state of the site and competition in this segment of the business and location. In this situation we can only talk about the cost of the specialist's work time, which is $36 per hour. To facilitate understanding of the monthly costs, we offer 3 tariffs: $500, $1000, $2000 per month.


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